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Why this eBook?

Do you love your life?

I mean, do you really love your life?

If you were to die today and I turned the last 5 years of your life into a book, would your book make it to Amazon’s Best Seller’s list? Would this book be something you would be proud to leave behind as your legacy?

Or, do you feel that you have yet to live your best life? Do you feel that there

is something more to life than what you are currently experiencing?

If you are ready to experience more, create new and fun memories, and get out of the rut you've been stuck in for far too long, 


Nothing changes until you do something different . . .


About the Author

HELLO beautiful YOU! 

Sherica Matthews here and coming to you LIVE to share my LOVE for living an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE!

I have designed this eBook to show you how to build more authentic relationships, enjoy more travel experiences that you love, and discover a life of passion and purpose. 

If you are ready to stop living below your potential so you can start experiencing real happiness, peace and fulfillment, I am ready to help you!

Engineer. Life Coach. Travelista

~Relationship Expert~


A Complete Overview

Life is all about having experiences and creating new memories - especially during your season of singleness. During her season of singlehood, Sherica has mastered the art of living an extraordinary life through two principles - Travel & Self-Love. Although two very seemingly different topics, Sherica explores how these topics are indeed interrelated and have a direct impact on your qulaity of life. In this book, Sherica shares with you her best secrets to making your season of singleness one to be envied!

Master the Art of Solo Travel


Discover the Joy of Meeting New People

Learn the Secret to Loving Yourself


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What Others Are Saying . . .

A Savvy Girls Guide to Self-Love and Solo Travel is a heart-felt, inspiring self-help book about a young woman and her reflection of inner love and the joys of traveling even when you must travel alone. Sherica Matthews provides a personal look into her life as she discovered self-love with a unique passion for solo travel and now shares inspiration and tips on her mini blog helping many women become motivated to start living the life they truly love right now! Her stories are both loving and inspirational, telling about her childhood, meeting new people, friendships and her jump into the world of solo travel.

I am a Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines and I have traveled the world fearlessly for 17 years. However, I was thoroughly impressed and motivated to look even more closely at my own life, commitment to my travels, as well as my self love thermometer to ensure I am living my own beautiful life. One of my favorite parts of the book are the self love activities that Sherica has designed for her readers. These activities are highly engaging and what I like to coin as Self Love 101.

This book should be a staple for all those interested in creating a more fulfilling life. I consider Sherica to be an expert on solo travel and a wonderful example of how even those who are feeling stuck in the general rat race of life and careers can take steps to get out and create the life that's truly loved today!

Loved the book! It really gives adventurous souls like myself the confidence and courage to travel solo. I think it speaks to both introverts and extroverts. I love the resources and tips on where and when to book solo travels. A lot of us are waiting on others to start enjoying life. I am glad I am slowly starting to break away from that mentality. Your experiences with solo traveling has motivated me even more to continue the journey.

Rosemary says...

Self Love & Solo Travel is a message for every young and mature woman out there. Need I say, this message is not only to single women, even the married women need to know the importance of self love as well. In summary, Loving 'me' is the basis upon which I can love another. The power to live that fulfilling, courageous, adventurous and exciting life is within Me. Sherica has done a great job pointing women to the fact that the choice to live the best life today is dependent on us...not others.

Sylvia says...

Adrienne says...


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